Veterinary Drugs 


Mobedco's aim is to support the care for farm animals by offering products that provide solutions to the challenges veterinarians and livestock producers face every day.


We offer a wide range products including anti-infectives, antiparasites, feed additives and other pharmaceuticals that treat conditions that negatively impact livestock and the production of milk, meat and eggs. 


Mobedco also manufactures some products to support pet owners. These products include anti-infectives, antiparasites and inti-inflammatory medications. 





The Veterinary Medicine Production is divided into six different plants


1. Oral general production  for oral powder, oral solution and oral suspension dosage forms.


2. Oral powder penicillin production plant for powder penicillin dosage forms.


3. General injectable production plant for general injectable solutions and suspensions dosage forms.


4. Penicillin injectable production plant for penicillin injectable suspensions dosage forms.


5. Aerosol production plant  for topical aerosols dosage forms.


6. Ectoparasiticides production plant.



We strive to make our products the most valued by veterinarians and livestock producers  in the region.