Aracur 72.2 SL


Systemic Fungicide containing 72.2%(w/v) Propamocarb Hydrochloride in the form of soluble concentrate

A systemic fungicide with protective action, absorbed by the root and leaves and transported acropetally

- Reduces growth and development of fungi and development spores

- Protects vegetable crops from fungal diseases caused by soil fungus like damping off, downy mildew, root rot and late blight

- Applied to the soil, used as dip treatment (for bulbs & tubers) or as seed treatment



Application rate & method of use

Preharvest Period (days)

Tomatoes, Eggplants

Pythium wilt

20 ml/ 20 lit water

Diluted solution drenched by 5 L/ m2

( use before planting)


Pepper (green house)

Pythium wilt

20 ml/ 20 lit water diluted solution drenched by 100 – 150 ml / plant

(use after planting)



Downy mildew

Spraying 60 ml/ 20 lit water



Pythium wilt

5-10 ml/ 1-5 lit water/ m2  depend on soil moisture and plant density ( seed sowing in nursery or in field)





10- 15 ml/ 1-5 lit water/ m2 (transplanting and harvest)


50 ml/ 20 lit water