Systemic fungicide contains 25% (w/v) Triadimenol in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

A Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action and eradicant action absorbed by the roots and leaves. Ready translocation in young tissues but less in older and woody tissue, also inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis .

- Affects vital activities which cause fungal growth .

- Controls a wide range of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, seedling blight, leaf strip & other cereal diseases. Used on vegetables, ornamentals, vines, bananas and other crops (mainly against powdery mildew, rust & various leaf spot diseases)


Fungal Disease

Application Rate

Preharvest Period

Tomato, Musk melon

Squash, Melon, Pepper

Powdery mildew

4-6ml/ 20 Lit. water

8-10ml/ 20 Lit. water

14 Days


Powdery mildew , Black Rots

2-4ml/ 20 Lit. water

14 Days