Delta pride


Systemic insecticide contains thiacloprid 10% w/v and deltamethrin 1% w/v in the form of oil dispersion

Deltapride OD has multiple actions: systemic, contact and shock. Deltapride is an insecticide multiculture combining two active substances with different complementary properties 

- Thiacloprid acts on the nervous system of insects by contact and ingestion. It is characterized by a systemic translaminar activity and upward, which allows a very good persistence in action. Thiacloprid belongs to the chemical class of neonicotinoids and class 4 IRAC MOA

- Deltamethrin acts on the nervous system of insects by contact and ingestion. It provides a very good shock effect and a repellent effect. Deltamethrin belongs to the pyrethroid chemical class and three IRAC MOA

-  Highly effective contact and systemic insecticide providing excellent knockdown and residual control against thrips, aphid, beetle and moths

-  Contains the new O-TEQ formulation, an oil-based adjuvant that assists in coverage, retention and penetration of the product to the leaves and access those areas where insects commonly reside

-  Exhibits both systemic and contact movement allowing its active ingredients to protect new and difficult to reach areas in the plant




Application rate/ 20 L water

Preharvest period

Cabbage, cauliflower

Aphid, leaf worm

20 ml

7 days



15 ml

14 days



10 ml

14 days

Wheat, Oats


10 ml

30 days