Delta Super +D EC


A miticide and insecticide contains two active ingredient:  1.25% (w/v) Deltamethrin  and 40% (w/v) Dimethoate in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate

Deltamethrin: non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, fast-acting

Dimethoate: systemic insecticide and miticide with contact and stomach action


- Contains one active ingredient which has a systemic action and the other active ingredient has a non- systemic action .Thus , the result being a product with guaranteed effectiveness in controlling various agricultural insect pests .

- It is also effective from the economical point of view.

- Used for the control of insect pests on citrus and olive .

- Compatible with many fungicides & insecticides.



Application rate

Preharvest period (days)

Citrus (except lemon)

Aphid, fruit fly, white fly

10 ml/ 20 lit water



Fruit fly, olive moth

10 ml / 20 lit water