Non systemic insecticide contains 2.5% (w/v) Deltamethrin in the form of  emulsifiable concentrate

Like all pyrethroides, it prevents the sodium channels from functioning so that no transmission of nerve impulses can take place. Non systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.  Fast acting

- Highly capable of killing insects especially those resistant to organochlorine, organo-phosphorus and carbamate insecticides , and other pyrethroides

- Non systemic having a contact and stomach action, therefore the plants should be thoroughly covered during application

- Absorbed by the insects cuticle; hence rapid action 

- Stable and not affected by the different environmental conditions, nevertheless, it is rapidly degraded in soil therefore it does not contaminate the soil

- Has a short pre-harvest period due  to its low percentage of use . Also studies have proved that the level of Deltamethrin residue is low

- Toxic to bees, but exhibits a repellent effect .


Insects Controlled

Application Rate

Preharvest Period


Cotton leaf worms gold moth, tomato fruit moth, white fly, aphid

8-15ml/ 20 Lit. water 40-70 ml/ 1000m2

3 Days

Fruit Trees

Apple fruit moth , Apple stem borer, pear psyllid, Aphid, olive fruit fly, capnodis

8-15ml/ 20 Lit. water 40-60ml/ 1000m2

21 Days

Field Crops

Aphid, sunna bug, wheat leaf borer, bug, bollworms, fruit moth .

8-15ml/ 20 Lit. water 40-60ml/ 1000m2

28 Days