Dimethate 40 EC


Systemic insecticide and miticide contains 40% (w/v) Dimethoate in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Systemic insecticide and miticide that has a contact and stomach action. Cholinesterase inhibitor

-  Used to control a wide range of insects on many crops

-  Activity persists for more than two weeks

-  Contact and stomach poison since it has a killing effect on insects by direct contact or by translocation in plant fluids, killing insects living in plant tissues

-  Controls a wide range of chewing and biting insects on many crops

-  Controls a wide range of insects such as: aphids, worms, thrips, fruit fly, hoppers, white fly




Application rate / 20 lit water

Preharvest period


Thrips , olive moth

Olive fruit fly ,olive weevils

15- 25 ml

20- 30 ml

14 day


Aphid, apple moth, fruit moth, wooly aphid, red mite, scale insect

20- 30 ml

21 day


Aphid, fruit fly, scale insect, red mite, thrips

20- 30 ml

21 day