Falcon 10 EC


Non-systemic insecticide  contains 10% (w/v) cypermethrin in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Also exhibits anti-feeding action. Good residual activity on treated plants.

- Controls a wide range of insects including insects that have gained resistance against organo-phosphorours products and other pyrethroids

- Falcon is an emulsifiable concentrate that is easily diluted and rapidly dispersed

- Falcon has a low toxicity effect on humans and animals having no harmful effects on the environment since it is rapidly degraded upon absorption into soil

-Falcon is Non-phytotoxic



Application rate/ 20 Lit water

Preharvest Period

Tomato, Pepper

Aphid, cutting worms

10- 15 ml

14 day

Wheat, Barley, Corn

Aphid, green worm, hoppers , corn borer

10- 15 ml

14 day

Apple, Pear

Aphid, apple fruit moth

5 – 10 ml

21 day