Rider 15 SC


Non systemic insecticide contains 15% (w/v) Indoxacarb in the form of suspension concentrate

Insecticide active by contact and ingestion. Affected insects cease feeding, with poor co-ordination, paralysis and ultimately death

Rider 15 : used for broad- spectrum control of Lepidoptera (worms) in vegetables and fruit.

Rider 15 : it prevents insects from feeding within 4 hours of exposure to pesticides and paralyzes insects and kills them within less than 48 hours of exposure to    pesticide, which reduces losses



Application rate/ 20 lit water

Preharvest period

Eggplant, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, melon

Tomato fruit moth, leaf miner

5 ml

3 days

Potatoes, sugar beet

Potato tuber moth

5 ml

3 days

Apple, pear, almond, cherry, apricot

Cotton leaf worm, sugar beet worm, apple fruit moth

5 ml

20 days


Grape fruit moth

5 ml

14 days