Cyfluthrate ULV


Puplic health insecticide contains  

Cyfluthrin: 1.5 % (w/v) and Piperony l Butoxide  5% (w/v) and d~Allethrin 0.3% (w/v) in the form of ultra low volume

Cyfluthrin: non systemic synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used to control chewing and sucking insects. Through contact and stomach poisoning, it attacks the nervous system; resulting in swift debilitation and has a long residual effect

Piperonyl Butoxide: A synergist for the pyrethrins and related insecticide

d~Allethrin: non systemic insecticide with contact, stomach and respiratory action. Results in rapid knockdown. Paralyses insects before killing them

-  Public health insecticide used with ULV and thermal fogging devices to control flying and crawling puplic health insects in economically low doses

-  Oil based concentrate that can be diluted with kerosene to be used by ULV  and fogging devices

-  Cyfluthrate is made of two active ingredients: cyfluthrin (long residual insecticide) and d~Allethrin (rapid knockdown insecticide) with piperonyl butoxide as synergist that allow the insecticide to a wide activity

-  When used by thermal fogging, the micro partical land on flying insect and the micro can enter the cavities and kill hiding insects


Typical pests

Application rate


Outdoor, rubbish collection sites, village, city and markets

Mosquitoes, sand fly, flies, black fly


House fly

150 ml / ha

(15 ml/ du)


200 ml / ha

(20 ml / du)

Dilute as recommended and apply in the early morning or late evening

Indoor : malls, establishment, industrial areas, food processing site, office buildings, store, ware-house, houses, hotels, restaurants, ships, trains, buses and animal stables

Flying insects:

Mosquitoes, moths, flies


Crawling insects:

Cockroach, bedbugs, fleas, silverfish


5 ml/ 100 m3




15/ 100 m3

Remove pets (dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc.) and food from the site. Cover food  processing areas, cut off electrical supply and any other sources of fire