Deltathrin PH


Insecticide contains Deltamethrin  1.5 %( w/v) and Bioallethrin 0.5% (w/v) in the form of ultra low volume

Deltamethrin Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Fast-acting

Bioallethrin Non-systemic  insecticide with contact and stomach action, Results in rapid knockdown. Paralyses insects before killing them

-  Used with ULV  and thermal fogging devices to control flying and crawling public health insects in economically low doses

-  Oil based concentrate can be diluted with kerosene to be used by ULV devices and fogging devices 

-  Two active ingredients: deltamethrin (fast acting insecticide) and bioallethrin (rapid knockdown insecticide)

-  When used by thermal fogging, the micro partical land on the flying insect and the micro can enter the cavities and kill hiding insects

Typical pest

Method of use

Dilution rate / 1 lit water

Application rate / hectare


House fly, mosquitoes

Thermal Fogging in door and out door

2 ml


10 ml


20 ml

50 lit (5 lit/ du)


10 lit ( 1 lit/ du)


5 lit ( 500ml/ du)


High pressure devices

Low pressure devices

Use 1 lit of solution/ 2000 m2

ULV out door

200 ml


100 ml

500 ml (50 ml/ du)


1lit (100 ml/ du)


Low pressure devices

High pressure devices

Moth (bed bug)

Thermal fogging in doors

80 ml

1 lit ( 100 ml/du)

Use 1 lit of solution / 2000 m2


 Thermal Fogging in doors, sewage

20 ml

5 lit (500 ml/ du)

Use 1 lit of solution / 2000 m2

Stores insects


100 ml

1 lit (100 ml/ du)

Use 1 lit of solution / 2000 m2