Insecticide contains 5 % (w/v) cyfluthrin in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Acts on the nervous systemwith rapid knockdown and long residual activity

-  Used to control flying and crawling insects in low concentration. Can be used indoor and outdoor at walls, cavities, cracks, and every where the pest may present.

-  Used against Blattellidae (classification order that contains most of cockroach), Culicidae (classification order that contains most mosquito) and Muscidae (classification order that contains most of flies) in public health situations, stored products, domestic use and animal health.  

-  When used by thermal fogging, in the micro and macro partical land on flying insects can enter the cavities and kill hiding insects

Typical Pests

Dilution rate


Flies, Ants, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas, flies, bed bugs, mosquitoes

160 ml / 20 liter water

Thoroughly spray hiding places (e.g. cracks and crevices, behind stoves and sinks, in cupboards, around drains, rubbish bin, etc.) ate rate of 50 ml diluted solution /m2 until point of run-off. If hiding places are not directly accessible spray barrier strips around them. Repeat treatment as required

Ants nest


Where possible locate the nest and spray. If nest is inaccessible, spray all infested areas.

Bed Bugs


Fumigate all infested mattresses or clothing. Wash sheets and clothing before re-use. Apply to walls, cracks and crevices, skirting boards and bed frames.



Clean or vacuum infested areas and burn all dust collected. Lightly spray all infested areas especially under furniture

Insect in factories


Apply 50 ml of diluted solution/ m2



Thoroughly spray spiders, their webs and crevices in which they hide



Apply 25 ml of diluted solution/ m2

Mosquito and house fly

120 – 240 ml per 20 liter water ( residual dose)

Apply 50 ml of diluted solution/ m2 , to where mosquitoes rest such as walls and a wining , fences and some vegetated areas

20 ml/1 lit (fogging)

Use 100-200 ml of diluted solution/m2

Rubbish tips ( cockroach and house fly)

80 ml / 20 liter

Apply 100 ml of diluted solution/ m2