Perkill 0.5% DP


Public health Insecticide contains 0.5% (w/w) Permethrin in the form of dustable powder

Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, having a slight repellent effect

-  Used against pest insect with repellent effect to control public health insects.

-  Photostable synthetic pyrethroid. It possesses an extremely high level of activity against many type of insects and to different development stages especially in larvae stages.

-  Low mammalian toxicity yet effective against insects at extremely low rates of application. 


Typical pest

Application rate


Fleas, bugs, moth, cockroaches, ants

10- 15 gm/ m2

Dusting the floors near the edges and under sinks and refrigerators, in and around garbage containers, and other places where there are insects such as cracks and cavities can be put on separate pieces of paper can be removed in the case of treatment of places where there are children or during food preparation, taking into account that they rule toxic.