Quinovet pow


Each 1 ml contains:

Sulphaquinoxaline –Na                                             250 mg

Quinovet used for prevention and treatment of cecal and intestinal coccidiosis, besides it activity against bacterial infection in poultry ,rabbits and large animals .

Poultry,turkey and game birds  :

-Treatment : 500 mg (active substance ) / 1 lit of drinking water daily for 7 days

-Prevention  : 125 mg (active substance ) / 1 lit of drinking water daily for 8 weeks

Rabbits :

-Treatment : 1000 mg (active substance ) /1 kg of feed daily for 7 days 

-Prevention : 250 mg (active substance )/ 1kg of feed continuously

Large animals ( Cattle, sheep and goat ):

-Prevention :  13mg (active substance )/ kg body weight in drinking water daily for 7 days 


Animals and poultry's meat should not be used for human consumption during treatment and within 5 days from the last treatment.

In layer: medication should not be stopped at least 28 days before birds come into lay 

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 30oC.