Each 1 g contains:

Sulphadimidine Na                            400 mg

Diaveridine HCl                                  20 mg 

Used for the treatment and control of coccidiosis either cecal (Tenella , Brunetti) or intestinal (Acervulina , Maxima , Necatrix) in all poultry species at different age including laying birds.

Broilers , Layers and Turkeys:

2 g (Sulphadiarine -S) / 5 liters  of drinking water

Ducks : 2 g (Sulphadiarine - S) / 2 liters of drinking water 

Treatment should be given for 5 consecutive days 

Meat and offal : 14 days 

Egg : 12 days 

Store in a dark and dry  place at temperature below 30˚C.