Each 1 ml contains:

Rafoxanide 30 mg

Used for the treatment and control of acute and chronic Fascioliasis in sheep and cattle. And for the removal of all larval stages of (Oestrus ovis), the nasal bot fly of sheep.

By a drench gun:

      -Sheep: 2.5 ml / 10 kg body weight (7.5 mg Rafoxanide / 1 kg body weight)

      -Cattle: 37.5 ml / 100 kg body weight. (11.25 mg Rafoxanide / 1 kg body weight)

Heavier animals should be given an additional 18.75 ml per 50 kg for cattle and       

      2.5 ml per 10 kg for sheep.

-Animals meat should not be used during treatment and within 60 days from the last treatment.

-Not for use in lactating cows or ewes producing milk for human consumption or for milk products. 

Store in a dark and dry place below 25˚ C.