Amiraz 20 EC


Amiraz 20 EC is an insecticide that is effective against ectoparasites which attack animals, the product contains 20 % (w/v) Amitraz  N-methyl bis (2,4 – xylyliminomethyl) Amine (IUPAC) in the form of Emulsifiable concentrate .

For the control of organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid resistant Cattle Tick, Paralysis Tick and Bush Tick on Beef and Dairy Cattle. And Cattle Tick on Sheep, Goats and Deer. And for topical treatment of localized  and generalized demodicosis (Demodix canis mites) and sarcoptic mange in dogs.



Mode of Application


Rate of Use





Cattle Tick    (Boophilus microplus)



400 ml / 125 Liter water           


Treat at intervals of  19-21 days

Control organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains of the Cattle Tick

Paralysis Tick

(Ixodes holocycus)



Treat at intervals of  7-10 days


Bush Tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis)



Treat at intervals of  7-21 days


Sheep, Goats and Deer

Cattle Tick    (Boophilus microplus)



400 ml / 125 Liter water


Treat animals on quarantined holdings at 14-21 day intervals. Treat animals being moved at 3 to 7 day intervals.    



Demodix canis mites



Sarcoptic scabeie mites



14 ml / 10 Liter warm water

   Long and medium-haired dogs should be clipped closely before each treatment. Prior to the initial treatment, all dogs should be bathed with a mild soap and water and towel dried.  






General Directions:

Hand spraying:

- Ensure all parts of the animal are thoroughly wet, especially belly, inside legs and ears.

- Animals should be restrained in a crush for spraying.

- A pump capable of delivering a coarse spray should be used. 

- A fresh spray wash must be made up for each day's treatment. Clean out the spray reservoir at the end of each day and discard any remaining wash.


For dogs:

- The entire dog should be thoroughly and completely wetted with the wash, and then allowed to air dry.

- Do not rinse or towel dry the dog after treatment with Amiraz 20 EC.

 A fresh Amiraz 20 EC water wash should be prepared for each patient; using the same wash for more than one patient can spread other dermal infections and also the concentration of the product could be reduced to a level which would be less effective than the recommended concentration.

This product should not be used on horses, other equines, felines or Chihuahua dogs.

Meat: Nil

Milk: Nil

Store away from any direct source of heat or flame and at temperature below 30oC.