Deltapharm 5% EC


An ectoparasiticide  contains: 5 % (w/v) Deltamethrin in the form of emulsifiable concentrate .

- Used for the treatment of different ectoparasites as kids, lice, screw worms,

   which attack sheep , goats, cattle and camels.

-  Acts  against insects that shows resistance to many organic insecticides which  

    contains Chloride and  Phosphorus,  and other insecticides that contain  

    carbomic acid and other pyrthroides .

- Used for the control of nuisance flies and other insects in farm stable and animal houses.


Application Rate

Mode of application

Replenishment Rate

Cattle and  Camels

1 lit : 2000 lit of water

1 lit : 1000 lit of water



Ticks: 2 weeks

Mange : 1 week

Sheep and goats

1 lit : 1600 lit of water

Spray or


Upon required


1 lit : 3000 lit of water

Spray or


Upon required

Animal Houses

1 lit : 100 lit of water



-   No withdrawal period for meat or milk .

-   No side effects in pregnant or lactating animals.

Store  below 25˚ C, away from children