Diacidol 60 EC


Diacidol is a non-systemic public health pesticide, from the organophosphorus compounds, used as ectoparasiticide, contains 60% (w/v) Diazinon (O,O-diehyl 0-2- isopropyl- 6-methylpyramidin- 4-yl Phosphorothioate (IUPAC)) as emulsifiable concentrate.

Diacidol:  is a non-systemic organophosphoric public health pesticide, affecting by contact and via digestive and respiratory systems.

Diacidol:  controls several species of insects and is used to treat all types of scabs and control ticks, fleas and snails on goats, sheep, cows and other farm animals.

Diacidol:  is used to control different types of stable flies and their larvae.




Sheep & Goats

1 Lit / 1000 Liters water

1 Lit / 2400 Liters water

Cows & Camels

1 Lit / 1000 Liters water

1 Lit / 1000 Liters water

Other Animals

1 Lit / 1000 Liters water

1 Lit / 1000 Liters water

Animal Houses

1 Lit / 25 Liters water


Toxic for cats, fish, bees and poultry.

Store away from any direct source of heat or flame and at temperature below 30oC.