Flumethrate 1% 


Each 1 liter contains :

Flumethrin                    10 g

For the control of ticks, biting and sucking lice, psoroptic mange, and in the control of biting flies.

- Apply evenly along the mid-line from the shoulders to the tail.

Body weight


Body weight


Up to 20 kg

2 ml

Up to 200 kg

20 ml

Up to 50 kg

5 ml

Up to 400 kg

40 ml

Up to 100 kg

10 ml

Over 400 kg

50 ml


-  Increase of mange and lice infestation, the dose should be increased to 2 ml/ 10 kg bodyweight.

-  Apply at regular intervals according to reinfestation, pressure. Starting from the beginning of the season before the first engorged female ticks appear

- Keep out of reach of children.

- Toxic to cats, bees and fish.

Meat: 7 days.

Milk: Nill.

Store away from any direct source of heat or flame and at a temperature below 30oC.