Mobedust 5%


Each 1 g contains :

Malathion                                                               50 mg

Control of wide range of  ectoparasites as (Lice, Fleas, Ticks, Keds, Sarcoptic mange mites and horn flies) infesting poultry,cattle,sheep,goats,camels,equines,rabbits,dogs,cats and game-birds.

Control of wound-infesting larvae which attack animals.

For the control of nuisance flies and other insects in farm stable and animal houses.

-Apply by dusting thoroughly over the body, the ears, between the skin folds , under the wings and around the vent (for birds) (keep away  from eyes); then rub with protected hands between wool / hairs / fur / feathers.

(15 gm / bird, 50 gm/ animal).

-Apply only after milking in milking animals , then wash the udder before the next milking.

-Farm stables and animal houses should be thoroughly dusted, with more attention to corners and cracks where parasites hide.

(75-125 gm / sq. meter of litter or floorspace).

-Repeat application every two weeks if needed.

-Toxic to bees and fishes.

-Do not treat sick, exhausted, weak or very young animals.

Meat : 7 days

Keep out of reach of children, and foodstuff.

Store in a dry, dark place below 30oC.