Each 1 ml contains :

Ampicillin (as trihydrate)                                  100 mg

Colistin (as sulphate)                                       250,000 IU

It is indicated for bacterial infections caused by microorganisms susceptible to Ampicillin and/or Colistin, like intestinal , respiratory  and urogenital infections, Mastitis, Metritis and Arthritis.

Administered by deep intramuscular injection

Cattle, Sheep and Goats: 1 ml / 10 kg bodyweight twice daily for 3 days.

-Do not administer in cases of hypersensitivity to Ampicillin or to Colistin.

-Contraindicated in animals with renal dysfunction.

-Do not use in small herbivores (like Rabbits).

Meat: 21 days.

Milk: 6 milkings.

Store at a temperature below 30oC.