Carbendate 50


Systemic  fungicide Contains 50 % (w/w) Carbendazim in the form of  wettable powder.

Systemic fungicide with  protective and curatve action , Carbendazim  active ingredient is absorbed through the green tissues and roots of the plants then translocated within the plant

-  Carbendate 50 systemic Fungicide with protective and curative action.

-  Carbendate 50 is highly effective when used at low rates and has a high crop safety.

-  Carbendate 50 Used on Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, and Fruit trees, Grapes, strawberries, field crops and ornamentals.

-  Carbendate 50 Highly effective due to its systemic action and persistence. Penetrating into the plant tissue, the active ingredient kills the fungus during incubation, thus inhibiting further growth. The persistence provides a relatively long preventative action and protection of the crop.

-  Carbendate 50 Does not taint fruits, foliage and flowers of treated plants.

Preharvest Period

Application Rate

Fungal Disease


14 Days

6-10gm/20 Lit. water

Powdery Mildew, storage rots, flower blight,scabs


21 Days

6-10gm/20 Lit. water

Flowers blight , cherry leaf curl, spotting , powdery mildew, fruit rot

Stone fruits

28 Days

50gm/20 Lit. water

Rice blight , septoria disease , powdery mildew , stem rot .


14 Days

10-20 gm/20 Lit. water

Green rots,storage rot,sorcospora


14 Days

12-18 gm/20 Lit. water

Powdery mildew,fungal rot,spotting &wilt diseas




20-40gm/20 Lit. water

Flower rots,grayrots


3 Days

12-18 gm/20 Lit. water

Sclerotinea,rots,leafspots,leaf rots,gray mold

Cucumber&tomato in green houses


70gm/20 Lit. water

Rhizoctonia (dipped for 3 minutes)