Diflorate WP 25


Non systemic Insecticide contains 25% (w/w) Diflubenzuron in the form of wettable powder.

Non-systemic insect growth  regulator with contact and stomach action. Acts at time of insect   moulting, or at hatching of eggs.  Chitin synthesis inhibitor; and so interferes with the formation of the insect cuticle.

-Diflorate 25 WP : non systemic insecticide with contact , stomach action. Work as chitin synthesis  inhibitor.

-Diflorate 25 WP: Works to combat the incomplete stages of a wide range of insects

-Diflorate 25 WP: inhibit insect moulting, or hatching of eggs.

-Diflorate 25 WP :used  on  apple,pear, peach, citrus fruit, cabbage, cauilflower, radish, mushroom and nursery plants.


Spectrum of activity

Application rate


Apple, Pear,

Apple Fruit fly, Stem borer, Pear psyllid

8 gm / 20 liter water

21 days


Fruit fly, Bud borer

8 – 16 gm / 20 liter water

21 days


Leaf miner

8 – 12 gm /20 liter water

14 days

Cabbage, ٌRadish & Cauliflower

Cabbage moth, leaf worm & Diamond Back moth

8-20 gm /20 liter water

14 days


Mushroom Fly

30 –40 gm / 20 liter water

14 days

Nursery plants: ornamentals, trees & forestry

Leaf worms, Beetles

1 – 4 gm / 20 liter water

7 days