Diflorate 25


Non systemic Insecticide contains 25% (w/w) Diflubenzuron in the form of wettable powder.

Non-systemic insect growth  regulator with contact and stomach action. Acts at time of insect   moulting, or at hatching of eggs.  Chitin synthesis inhibitor; and so interferes with the formation of the insect cuticle.

Diflorate 25 WP: non systemic insecticide with contact, stomach action. Work as chitin synthesis inhibitor.

Diflorate 25 WP: used to control wide range of leaf-eating insects.

Diflorate 25 WP: inhibit insect moulting, or hatching of eggs.

Diflorate 25 WP   used on pome fruit, vines, citrus fruit, tea, cotton, maize, soya beans, vegetables and ornamentals.


Spectrum of activity

Application rate


Apple, Pear,

Apple Fruit fly, Stem borer, Pear psyllid

8 gm / 20 liter water

21 days


Fruit fly, Bud borer

8 – 16 gm / 20 liter water

21 days


Leaf miner

8 – 12 gm /20 liter water

14 days

Cabbage, ٌRadish & Cauliflower

Cabbage moth, leaf worm & Diamond Back moth

8-20 gm /20 liter water

14 days


Mushroom Fly

30 –40 gm / 20 liter water

14 days

Nursery plants: ornamentals, trees & forestry

Leaf worms, Beetles

1 – 4 gm / 20 liter water

7 days