Betamethrate 5 EC


Non systemic  insecticide contains 5% (w/v) Beta - Cypermethrin in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Non-systemic pyrethroid insecticide, It is absorbed through the body of the insect (cuticul) with contact and stomach action . 

Beta-cypermethrin  acts on the nervous system of the insect , it disrupts the function of neurons byinteraction with sodium channel  .

- The high effectivity and productivity of the product are guaranteed by its accurately defined isomeric composition and unique purity .

- Betamethrate  has broad spectrum  effective against coleoptera ,  hemiptera ,  homoptera,  lepidoptera, and hymenoptera  pests in almost all economically important crops .

- Betamethrate  active against  adult insects as well as the larvae stages with prolonged activity . The repellent effect of its residue reduces the re-infestation by the pests or laying eggs for a long time.

- Betamethrate highly effective although applied at low dosage rates

- Betamethrate : not harmful to Beneficial insects if used as recommended.

-Does not accumulate in the environment and does not produce any toxic residues.

- Betamethrate is metabolized quickly in warm blooded  animals . Also it is more than 3000 Time active against insects than against mammals.


Insects Controlled

Application Rate

Preharvest Period


Weevils , wheat bugs

7-10ml /20 Lit. water



European corn stem borer

92 ml /20 Lit. water

(air spraying)

14 Days


Turnip weevil

12ml /20 Lit. water

10 Days

Pea, Cabbage

white cabbage butter fly , cabbage aphid , Aphid,Moth

12ml /20 Lit. water

14 Days


Apple fruit moth

5 ml /20 Lit. water

3 Days


Fruit fly

7ml /20 Lit. water

7 Days


Grape worm

5-7ml /20 Lit. water

3 Days