Deltasuper ULV


Non systemic Insecticide contains 1.25 % (w/v) Deltamethrin in the form of ultra low volume.

Non-systemic  insecticide with contact and stomach action.  Fast- acting. Like all pyrethroids, prevents the sodium channels from functioning, so that no transmission of nerve impulses can take place. 

-Deltasuper 1.25 ULV Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Fast-acting.

-Deltasuper 1.25 ULV  effective against a wide range of pests such as whitefly, aphid, cutting insects, , moth and cotton leaves worm.

-Deltasuper 1.25 ULV is recommended against locusts and soil insects.

Target crops


Dosage ml per 1000 m2



Cotton leave worm, Diamond back moth, tomato fruit moth, whitefly, watermelon fly,  aphids

80 – 140  ml/du

3 days

Fruit tree

Apple fruit fly, stem borer, psyllid, aphid, olive fly

80 - 120 ml/du

10  days


Aphids, suna bug, wheat leave miner, bugs, grain moth

80 – 120  ml/du

10 days