Metholate 20


Systemic insecticide and miticide  contains 20% (w/v) Methomyl in the form of soluble concentrate

Systemic  insecticide miticide with a contact and stomach action. 

-   Metholate a carbamate compound used as a systemic insecticide. It acts as a contact and stomach poison against a broad spectrum of insects.

-   Rapidly dispersable and soluble in water.

-   Metholate is indicated to control of mining and sucking insects since it has a quick knock-down effect and a high killing rate of existing insect populations (including eggs and advanced larvae stages)

-   Metholate has a short preharvest period.

-   Metholate has a broad spectrum of activity on insect species including insects difficult to control such as bollworms, leafminers and borers and other insect species that become resistant to organophosphorus products and synthetic pyrethroids.


Insects Controlled

Application Rate


Cucumber, eggplant, pepper,

watermelon, potato,

Squash, cauliflowers, muskmelon.

Aphid, thrips, white fly, fruit moth, cabbage moth. leaf worm 

25-50 ml /20 Lit. water


Apple, pears, nectarine, peach,

Olive fly , Aphid , Bugs, Fruit moth , grape moth,leaves borer, thrips, psyllid

30-100ml /20 Lit. water


Leaf crops (cabbage, radish, spinach, lettuce).

White fly , Aphid, Thrips , Leaf miner, hopper, bollworms, chewing worms, bugs

25-50ml /20 Lit. water



Aphid, Leaf miner, thrips white fly

30-70  ml /20 Lit. water