Dichlorate 50 EC


Miticide  and insecticide that contains 50 % (w/v) Dichlorovos in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate

Miticide  and insecticide with contact , stomach and respiratory action . gives rapid knock-down effect.

-   Used for the control of sucking, chewing and boring insects, spider mites and moth; on fruit trees and vegetables in closed and open fields.

-   Used to control aphid, thrips, worms white fly, fruit fly, mealy bug, beetles, and hoppers.

-   Effectively controls spider mites throughout all stages.

-   Used for the control of household and public health insects pests, stored products pests in ware- houses and store rooms; also in animal houses.



Application rate

Preharvest period

Apple, pears, peach, cherry, apricot, plum, citrus

Aphid , beetles, leaf miners, fruit fly, lepidoptera larvae,


20- 30 ml / 20 lit water

7 days