Chlorofos 48 EC


Non systemic insecticide contains 48% (w/v) Chlorpyrifos in the form of emulsifiable concentrate.

Non systemic insecticide with contact  , stomach and Respiratory action ,  cholinesterase inhibitor .

-   Control soil and flying insects effects on field crops.

-   Used on pome fruits, Stone fruits, Citrus and others, also its control insects in stored products.

-   Control of coleopteran, Diptera, homoptera, and lepidoptera in soil or on foliage in wide range of crops.

-   Incompatible with alkaline materials.

-   Non phytotoxic to most plant species if used as recommended.


Insects Controlled

Application Rate

Preharvest Period

Wheat & Barley


5-7.5 ml/20 Lit. water

10  Days

Fruit trees

Scale insects, Aphid, Fruit Fly

25-30ml/20 Lit. water

14  Days


Aphid, Scale insects, thrips

25-30ml/20 Lit. water

14  Days

Ornamentals trees

Aphid , Scale insects , thrips, larvaes

20-25ml/20 Lit. water