Alfakill 10%


insecticide for public health  Contains 10% (w/v) Alpha Cypermethrin in the form of Emulsifiable Concentrate

non-Systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action acts on the central and peripheral nerveous system in  very low doses

-    Alphakill has an efficient capability against insects which obtain resistance against other insecticide.

-    Alphakill Control large range of house hold insects which affect on public health such as mosquitoes, flies .

-    Alphakill An economic insecticide with high action in very Low doses.

-     Alphakill Stable under different enviromental conditions. Long Life Stability

Direction for use

Typical pests

Application rate

Surface spray

Mosquitoes, flies and house hold insect

1 lit/200 lit water and applied at 40 lit solution/1000 m2