Diflokill 25


Public health Insecticide contains 25% (w/w) Diflubenzuron in the form of wettable powder.

Non-systemic insect growth  regulator with contact and stomach action. Acts at time of insect molting, or at hatching  of eggs.  Chitin synthesis inhibitor; and so interferes with the formation of the insect cuticle.

Diflokill 25 WP: insecticide with contact, stomach action work as chitin synthesis inhibitor.

Diflokill 25 wp: used to control wide range of developing stages of public health insects.

Diflokill 25 wp: inhibit insect moulting, or hatching of eggs.

Dosage gm / 20 l water

Typical Pests

Target Site

3-5 gm /20 l water and applied by 50 -150 liter solution per 100 m2

Mosquito larvae


Refuse/solid waste sites, Sewage systems, intermittently flooded areas /water, Irrigation systems, Lakes / ponds/ reservoirs