Ectothrin 20%EC


Ectothrin 20% EC is a pyrethroid ectoparasiticide that is effective against ectoparasites which attack animals, the product contains 20 %  (w/v) Cypermethrin in the form of Emulsifiable Concentrate. 

Ectothrin 20% EC is used for the control of flies on Cattle and Horses, and lice and ticks on Cattle. And for controlling insects in animal houses.




Animal Health

Fly control on Horses and


50 ml / 10 Liters of water

Dose per animal:

Adult Cattle and Horses : 500 ml of spray

Young Cattle: 250 ml of spray

Calves or foals: 125 ml of spray

Applied by hand spraying. For best results use spray mix on the same day it is mixed.

Lice and Tick control on


75 ml / 100 Liters of water


Insect Control In Animals houses


50 – 100 ml / 10 Liters of water

Apply as a coarse droplet surface spray


50 ml / 10 Liters of water

using 1 Liter of prepared spray mix per 20 square meters.


Meat: Cattle producing meat for human consumption should not be sold for slaughter during or within 24 days from the last treatment.

Milk: Nil

It's approved for use in lactating dairy cattle but care should be taken to avoid direct contamination of milk with the product.

Store away from any direct source of heat or flame and at a temperature below 30oC.