Each 1 ml contains:
Ciprofloxacin  100 mg

Ciproxin is a broad spectrum antibiotic indicated  for the treatment of different infectious diseases of poultry , ruminants and rabbits : Colibacillosis , CRD and Mycoplasma, Coryza , Omphalitis & yolk sac infections, Fowl Cholera, Salmonellosis , Pasteurellosis,  Enterotoxemia, Enteritis and diarrhea.


Poultry: 100 ml /200 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.

Ruminant & Rabbits: 3-5 mg active ingredients / kg bodyweight in drinking water for 3-5 days


Half the doses for the same period.

Not to be used in water medicated with mineral salts.

- Animal and poultry products  should not be used during treatment and within one week from the last treatment.

Store in dark dry places at 15 – 25o C.