Chlorothrate 75 


A fungicide Contains 75% (w/w) Chlorothalonil in the form of  a wettable powder.

Non - systemic foliar fungicide with protective and curative action.

-   Chlorothate is a fungicide having a protective action as well as a curative action, therefore it is better to apply chlorothate from the beginning and before  the  appearance of symptoms of fungal diseases; or it may be applied when symptomsappear then used again every 10-14 days, as necessary.

-    Chlorothate has low mammalian toxicity and it is not toxic to bees.

-    Used on vegetables, cucumbers, melons, onions, potato, tomato and on ornamentals  .

-    Used to control many fungal diseases such as : Early and late blights,downy mildew, scabies ,  Rhizoctonia , Anthracnose,  leaf spot, powdery mildew, Botrytis, gray mold, gray leaf spot  .

-     Russeting is possible with yellow & golden varietes of appleand with grape . some verietes of rose may be injured.


Fungal disease

Application Rate

Preharvest Period

Vegetables:Bean,carrot, cabbage,cauliflowers, parsley


water melon, squash ,pumpkin

Early and late blight, downy mildew,rhizoctonia


Downy mildew,anthracnose,scab,leaf spotting

15-30gm/20 lit water



15-30gm/ 20 lit water





14 days








Anthracnose , downy mildew, blight, scab. rhizoctonia


Anthracnose, Downy mildew, scab, blight, leaf spotting

15-35 gm/20 lit water



15-35 gm/20 lit water



Downy mildew , botrytis

15-35gm/20 lit water



Early blight , late blight  , botrytis

10-20gm/20lit water



Early blight, Late blight,grayleaf rot,gray leaf spots


Botrytis anthracnose  rhizoctonia

15-25 gm/20lit water



25-35 gm/20 lit water