** Virokill 21.41% is effective against numerous microorganisms affecting animals; Viruses, Gram positive and Gram-negative bacteria, Fungi and Mycoplasma. **


VIROKILL is a science-based biocidal technology for animal health disinfection, which has been specifically engineered to provide an effective†, flexible and convenient, modern formulated disinfectant solution for commercial livestock facilities, veterinary medical hospitals, and farm premises.
The broad spectrum efficacy of VIROKILL has been proven effective against: 64 strains of virus, 34 strains of bacteria & 5 strains of fungi
VIROKILL is versatile and can be used for non-porous hard surfaces, agricultural production equipment, vehicles, wheels, boot disinfection, and daily farm premise disinfection.
Used for cleaning and disinfecting Industrial, Animal and Agricultural Facilities
  • VIROKILL is a balanced stabilized blend of peroxygen compounds, surfactant, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system.
  • VIROKILL has proven its efficacy in a variety of independent tests using different protocols.
  • VIROKILL also provides high level disinfection of laboratory equipment and instruments where autoclaving is neither practical nor necessary.
  • VIROKILL is a safe environmental friendly, easy to use product which has a broad spectrum of activity, can be used in a large number of applications.
  • VIROKILL works by oxidation of proteins and other components of cell protoplasm, resulting in inhibition of enzyme systems and loss of cell wall integrity.
  • VIROKILL working solution has an exceptional safety profile. It has a low oral and dermal toxicity, no toxic vapour phase and does not evolve chlorine when prepared, stored and used as directed.
  • VIROKILL is compatible with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, plastics and rubber.