Butex Inj

        Butex, powered by Buparvaquone, stands as a formidable solution for the therapy and prevention of various forms of theileriosis. Its second-generation hydroxynaphthoquinone formula ensures potent action against Theileria parva, T. annulata, T. mutans, and T. orientalis, offering robust protection against East Coast Fever, Corridor Disease, Tropical Theileriosis, and more. With its long plasma half-life and low toxicity, Butex  guarantees safe and effective treatment, acting on both schizonts and piroplasms stages. Count on Butex for unparalleled defense in the battle against theileriosis in cattle.


        Closavet: Your precise defense against parasitic challenges.Closavet, powered by Closantel, is a robust solution against a range of parasites. Effective against adult and juvenile flukes, blood-sucking nematodes, larvae of flies, and more, Closavet ensures comprehensive protection. It's the go-to choice for controlling chronic and sub-acute fascioliasis in cattle and sheep, combating Oestrus ovis (Sheep Nasal Bot Fly), and tackling Haemonchus contortus (Barber Pole worm) in various stages, including benzimidazole-resistant strains.

        Diaminavet Plus Inj

        Diminavet Plus Inj swiftly tackles hemoparasitic diseases such as Trypanosomiasis, Piroplasmosis, and Babesiosis. Packed with Diminazene Aceturate, Antipyrine, and Vitamin B12, it ensures rapid relief for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Dogs. Trust in its potent antiprotozoal action and analgesic properties for your animals' well-being.

        Diminavet Inj

        Diminavet Inj: Fast-Acting Solution for Babesiosis and Trypanosomiasis.Swift and potent, Diminavet is your solution for Babesiosis and Trypanosomiasis. A single injection disrupts parasite replication, offering relief within 24 to 48 hours. Effective against various Babesia and Trypanosoma species, it's your go-to choice for rapid and targeted treatment


        Doramix injectable solution stands as a powerful endectocide for cattle and sheep, swiftly addressing a wide range of harmful parasites. In cattle, it effectively targets gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, eye-worms, warbles, lice, and mange mites. For sheep, it provides unmatched control against sheep scab mites, gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, and nasal bots. With its broad-spectrum action, Doramix ensures the health and vitality of your livestock, offering a comprehensive solution to your parasite control needs


        Imicarb is a potent antiprotozoal medication, belonging to the carbanilide derivative class. It operates by disrupting nucleic acids in the DNA of susceptible organisms, hindering cellular repair and replication. Used widely in veterinary medicine, Imicarb effectively treats and prevents bovine babesiosis (Redwater fever) in cattle. It is also essential for managing babesiosis in dogs and anaplasmosis in horses and sheep. Imicarb stands as a crucial solution against protozoal infections in various animal species.


        Ivernide is your go-to solution for effective parasite management in Cattle and Sheep. This injectable endoectoparasiticide offers a single, low-volume dose that eradicates internal and external parasites, including liver flukes. With potent ingredients like Ivermectin and Rafoxanide, it ensures comprehensive protection. Keep your animals healthy and parasite-free with Ivernide.


        Ivosan presents a powerful combination of Ivermectin and Closantel Na, tackling a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites. Ivermectin, a potent macrocyclic lactone, acts against various pests, while Closantel, a salicylanilide, specializes in flukicide action. This ready-to-use solution effectively treats mixed trematodes (fluke) and nematode or arthropod infestations, ensuring the health and well-being of your cattle and sheep. Choose Ivosan for comprehensive parasite control.


        Nitroxyvet is your go-to solution for combating resistant parasites in sheep. With a staggering 99% effectiveness against ivermectin-benzimidazole resistant Haemonchus contortus, it offers unparalleled relief. Additionally, Nitroxyvet significantly reduces mortality from acute fascioliasis, making it indispensable in parasite management. Indicated for cattle and sheep, Nitroxyvet takes on various infestations, ensuring comprehensive parasite control for your livestock. Trust Nitroxyvet for powerful and reliable results.


        PROTOKIL combines Diminazene diaceturate against Trypanosoma spp., Babesia spp., and Theileria annulata, with antipyretic Antipyrine and essential Vitamins B6 and B12.
        Ideal for treating trypanosomiasis, babesiosis, and theileriosis, ensuring complete parasite protection for your animals.  

        Tectin Inj

        Tectin is the go-to choice for comprehensive antiparasitic control in livestock. Derived from the potent avermectin family, it effectively treats and controls a wide range of internal and external parasites affecting cattle, sheep, and goats. From gastrointestinal nematodes to lungworms, nasal bots, warble bots, mange mites, and sucking lice, Tectin provides reliable protection, ensuring the health and well-being of your valuable livestock. Trust Tectin for complete and reliable parasite control.

        Tectin Plus

        Tectin Plus is your ultimate solution for cattle parasite control. This potent injectable offers superior protection against a variety of internal and external parasites, ensuring the well-being of your livestock. From gastrointestinal roundworms to lungworms, liver flukes, eye worms, and mites, Tectin Plus provides comprehensive coverage. Trust in its effectiveness and keep your cattle healthy and thriving.