Amoxivet 20%

        Amoxivet is a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic designed to combat both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Specifically formulated for poultry and calves, it is highly effective against infections caused by Amoxicillin-sensitive germs. Whether treating respiratory, urinary, or gastrointestinal infections, rely on Amoxivet for swift and targeted relief. Ensure the health and vitality of your animals with this trusted antibiotic solution

        BSF Spray (for Dogs and Cats)

        ALL-IN-ONE PROTECTIONPrevents Infection Seals Out Water, Dirt and GermsHelps Heal CutsProtect Wounds, Blisters and Calluses
        • A powerful and durable disinfectant and anti-inflammatory for all pet animals.
        • Easy to use, fast and precise, no shaking required.
        • Contains tea tree oil with simultaneously soothes and moisturizes the wound or infection.
        • Creates a strong and flexible film on the skin that releases a constant and prolonged biocidal substance when applied.
        • Dries fast, has a good skin adhesion and has no outward stickiness.
        • The film is permeable for oxygen, allowing the skin to breathe.


        Chlortetravet is a versatile antibiotic, meticulously designed to combat a broad spectrum of bacteria, including both gram-positive and gram-negative strains, as well as Mycoplasma. It serves as a potent solution for preventing and treating respiratory, enteric, systemic, and local infections in chickens, turkeys, ducks, and calves. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in controlling secondary bacterial infections that may arise following viral illnesses and during periods of stress. Trust Chlortetravet to safeguard the health of your poultry and calves, ensuring their well-being even in challenging times.

        Cleanol aerosol

        A powerful and durable Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory aerosol for all types of animals, used for cuts, injuries, dehorning, docking & foot rot.
        Cleanol® Aerosol is manufactured in a high-quality aerosol spray in which the gas is 100% homogenous with the concentrate. This guarantees constant pressure at all times. It is functional (spray-able) in all possible (can) positions, which can be very important in some applications.
        *Aerosol disinfectant that's very strong
        *Easy and quick to apply as the can requires no shaking
        *Long-lasting skin disinfection
        *Anti-inflammatory action
        Key Features
        Cleanol® Aerosol is ready to use on all species (pigs, cattle, sheep, horses).
        Disinfect with Cleanol® Aerosol by spraying 15-20 cm from the skin, hooves, claws, knees, tail-ends, ears, navels, or scrotum.
        Provides a constant and even spray at all times.
        Shaking before use is not necessary.
        The spray functions in all positions (even upside down)

        D-Oxy Max

        D-Oxy Max is your ultimate solution for a wide range of infections in poultry. This powerful combination of two broad-spectrum antibiotics swiftly targets Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, along with select large viruses. Its rapid absorption and extended activity ensure effective treatment and prevention of respiratory, alimentary, and urogenital tract infections, including CRD, Coryza, Colibacillosis, and more. Additionally, it provides essential protection during stressful periods caused by vaccinations, rehousing, transportation, and environmental changes. Trust D-Oxy Max for robust infection control and stress management in your flock.

        Dovamycin (Water Soluble Powder)

        • Dovamycin is indicated for the treatment of Erythromycin susceptible infections in Poultry, including; Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Mycoplasmosis, Coryza (Haemophilus paragallinarum), and Cholera (Pasturellosis), infectious sinusitis, Air succulitis and infectious synovitis.
        • For cases of stress due to vaccination, debeaking, transport, rehousing, changes of feed and weather etc.

        Doxy Plus

        Doxy-Plus stands as a stalwart defense against a spectrum of gastrointestinal infections, both local and systemic. Its robust action encompasses various harmful agents, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria like Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli, Clostridia, Salmonella, Pasteurella, and Klebsiella. Furthermore, Doxy-Plus targets insidious foes like Mycoplasma and Protozoa, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive approach to infection control in the gastrointestinal tract. When it comes to safeguarding your animals from a multitude of threats, Doxy-Plus is your trusted ally, providing effective and reliable protection.

        Doxy Tylovet Plus

        Doxy Tylovet Plus is your targeted solution for combating infections in calves and poultry caused by microorganisms sensitive to Tylosin and Doxycycline. Specifically formulated to tackle gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, Doxy Tylovet Plus  provides effective relief, ensuring the health and well-being of your livestock. When infections strike, trust Doxy Tylovet Plus  for rapid and precise action, helping your animals recover swiftly and thrive.


        Doxygentavet is your solution for comprehensive gastrointestinal and respiratory infection treatment. It effectively combats a range of microorganisms sensitive to doxycycline and/or gentamicin, including Bordetella, Campylobacter, Chlamydia, E. coli, Klebsiella, Haemophilus, Mycoplasma, Pasteurella, Rickettsia, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus spp. With its dual-action approach, Doxygentavet provides powerful defense against a variety of pathogens, ensuring the health and well-being of your livestock. Trust Doxygentavet for targeted and effective treatment against sensitive microorganisms, promoting a healthier environment for your animals.

        Electrovet plus

        Rehydration Electrolytes - Water Soluble Powder
        ELECTROVET PLUS, a powder for oral solution, is an oral rehydration product indicated for the reversal of the processes of dehydration, electrolyte loss, and acidosis associated with scour in calves, whether due to nutritional, bacterial, viral, or cryptosporidial causes.ELECTROVET PLUS is specifically formulated to provide both high levels of sodium (90 mmol/1) to enable rapid water absorption and also to provide increased bicarbonate precursor for the correction of acidosis.The increased glucose level provides more energy for the calf without interfering with rehydration.

        Oxy Plus

        Oxy Plus is your go-to remedy for a range of infections in poultry, lambs, and non-ruminating calves. Specifically formulated for respiratory, intestinal, and soft tissue infections, Oxy Plus effectively tackles ailments like Pullorum, Chicken Cholera, Fowl Typhoid, Enteritis, and Respiratory tract infections caused by sensitive bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Trust Oxy Plus for targeted and efficient treatment, ensuring the well-being of your animals against various bacterial challenges.

        Oxytetravet new

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