Cleanol aerosol

        A powerful and durable Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory aerosol for all types of animals, used for cuts, injuries, dehorning, docking & foot rot.
        Cleanol® Aerosol is manufactured in a high-quality aerosol spray in which the gas is 100% homogenous with the concentrate. This guarantees constant pressure at all times. It is functional (spray-able) in all possible (can) positions, which can be very important in some applications.
        *Aerosol disinfectant that's very strong
        *Easy and quick to apply as the can requires no shaking
        *Long-lasting skin disinfection
        *Anti-inflammatory action
        Key Features
        Cleanol® Aerosol is ready to use on all species (pigs, cattle, sheep, horses).
        Disinfect with Cleanol® Aerosol by spraying 15-20 cm from the skin, hooves, claws, knees, tail-ends, ears, navels, or scrotum.
        Provides a constant and even spray at all times.
        Shaking before use is not necessary.
        The spray functions in all positions (even upside down)


        Diet complementary feed Balance of physiological digestionUsed For Hepatic draining for poultry & cattle . 
        Advantages : - Drains and helps liver eliminate toxins - Stimulates feed consumptionDirections for use : - 1 litre / 1,000 Litres water during 3 to 6 days

        Mobebron plus

        MOBEBRON_PLUS is a Liquid complementary feed that helps animals in the case of respiratory stress.
        - Helps your animals recover after respiratory stress, due to expectorant and mucolytic fluidizing properties of essential oils. - prescribed in severe cases of viral respiratory infections like Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis & Avian Inflowaza. - prescribed in cases of bacterial respiratory infections (Mycoplasmosis, coryza &, etc...) because of its synergism effects with Macrolides & Lincosamides on the opposite of menthol which has antagonism with Macrolides & Lincosamides - Stimulates their feed consumption and general health thanks to plant extracts and C vitamin. - No withdrawal period