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        Iodine 10% Spray

        A safe and effective topical spray suitable for general antiseptic purposes on the skin of most animals. It can be used to control topical infection of the skin, keeping wounds dry and covered with a protective residue film of iodine to provide prolonged activity.  IODINE 10% SPRAY may be used in numerous surgical procedures and as a topical agent for various dermal and mucosal infections such as wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, ringworm, navel disinfection in newly born animals, castration and docking wounds, udder wounds and cut teats. 
        Key Benefits:
        • An aid in the treatment of topical, bacterial, and fungal infections in animals

        • May be used in numerous surgical procedures and as a topical agent for various dermal and mucosal infections

        • Wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, ringworm, navel disinfection in newly born animals, castration, udder wounds and cut teats

        • Quiet operating pump action pack is ideal for spraying on horses and other animals that often become frightened by the ‘hissing’ sound of pressure-pack topical sprays

        • Contains “safe” povidone-iodine that does not irritate skin or wound surface

        LINCOFIX 40 WSP

        LINCOFIX 40 Soluble Powder is indicated for the treatment of swine dysentery (bloody scours). LINCOFIX 40  Soluble Powder is indicated for the control of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens susceptible to lincomycin for broiler chickens. 
        Key Benefits:
        • Convenient: ٍShort withdrawal time required for poultry or swine.
        • Highly Soluble: Dissolves readily in drinking water or to form stock solution.
        • Effective: Contains the proven antibiotic lincomycin hydrochloride equivalent to 400 mg lincomycin per gram.
        • Safe: Approved by FDA

        B-Complex Inj.

        Vitamin B Complex is a high potency injectable multi-vitamin solution for use in the relief of B & C vitamins deficiencies and to provide supplemental nutritional vitamins to Horses, Foals, Cattle, Swine ,Sheep & Pets . Especially useful for animals off feed due to shipping, illness or other stress factors. Ideal for animals on low protein or mineral deficient diets. Provides a supplemental nutritional supply of these vitamins and complex cobalt. Advantageous when animals have been on a low protein or mineral deficient diet.

        Confivet 35% SC

        A systemic  insecticide with broad – spectrum effect used for control of neonicotinoid susceptible sheep body lice Bovicola ovisagainst and  other external parasite (fleas, lice, ticks……etc). it is act as flea-replant , lousicide and effect on ticks attacking Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Camels, Dogs and Cats; and their premises.


        Dramaxx, which contains Tulathromycin, delivers extended protection against respiratory and foot-related bacterial challenges in livestock. Its potent bacteriostatic action ensures lasting effectiveness, making it a go-to solution for BRD, IBK, SRD, and infectious pododermatitis. Choose Dramaxx for robust livestock health.

        BSF Spray (for Dogs and Cats)

        ALL-IN-ONE PROTECTIONPrevents Infection Seals Out Water, Dirt and GermsHelps Heal CutsProtect Wounds, Blisters and Calluses
        • A powerful and durable disinfectant and anti-inflammatory for all pet animals.
        • Easy to use, fast and precise, no shaking required.
        • Contains tea tree oil with simultaneously soothes and moisturizes the wound or infection.
        • Creates a strong and flexible film on the skin that releases a constant and prolonged biocidal substance when applied.
        • Dries fast, has a good skin adhesion and has no outward stickiness.
        • The film is permeable for oxygen, allowing the skin to breathe.

        BSF Spray

        Our BSF Spray is your ultimate companion for animal care. It's not just a Anti-septic ; it's a fast, precise, and easy-to-use solution designed to promote healing and well-being in all types of animals. With the soothing touch of Tea Tree Oil, it provides comfort while effectively disinfecting wounds and infections. Its unique formulation creates a strong, flexible film on the skin, releasing a constant biocidal substance for prolonged protection. Fast-drying, non-sticky, and permeable for oxygen, it allows the skin to breathe. Ideal for various applications, from dehorning in cattle to post-trimming care in sheep, goats, horses, and pet animals. Experience the power of BSF Spray – your go-to solution for animal health and hygiene.

        Tectin Plus

        Tectin Plus is your ultimate solution for cattle parasite control. This potent injectable offers superior protection against a variety of internal and external parasites, ensuring the well-being of your livestock. From gastrointestinal roundworms to lungworms, liver flukes, eye worms, and mites, Tectin Plus provides comprehensive coverage. Trust in its effectiveness and keep your cattle healthy and thriving.


        OptiCare Eye Ointment, featuring potent Cloxacillin, provides targeted treatment for eye infections in a variety of animals. Effective against Penicillin G resistant Staphylococci, Cloxacillin binds to Penicillin-binding proteins, combating infections caused by Staphylococcus spp. and Bacillus spp. OptiCare is specifically formulated for Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Dogs, and Cats, ensuring swift and reliable relief from eye infections. Trust OptiCare for your animals' ocular health and well-being.


        Hat-Trick offers unparalleled parasite protection for sheep. This powerful combination of Levamisole and Triclabendazole ensures the effective treatment and control of parasitic bronchitis, gastro-enteritis, and fascioliasis. Levamisole paralyzes and expels nematodes, while Triclabendazole targets all stages of Fasciola, from just 2 days old. With Hat-Trick, your sheep receive comprehensive and reliable parasite control, promoting their health and well-being. Trust Hat-Trick for complete peace of mind.


        Optiheal features Chlortetracycline hydrochloride, a powerful first-generation tetracycline antibiotic. Its bacteriostatic action inhibits bacterial protein synthesis, making it highly effective against a broad spectrum of both aerobic and anaerobic Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Optiheal is specifically formulated for the treatment of eye conditions such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, and blepharitis caused by Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Proteus spp., and Pseudomonas spp. Trust Optiheal for advanced and targeted eye care, ensuring optimal healing and relief from bacterial infections.


        ORISEAL is a trusted solution for preventing new intramammary infections during the dry period in cows. Specifically designed for cows likely to be free of sub-clinical mastitis, ORISEAL stands as a reliable choice for dry cow management and mastitis control. With its targeted approach, it ensures optimal udder health, contributing to the overall well-being and productivity of your herd.